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Nos galettes de riz sont différentes.

Our rice cakes are perfectly puffed giving them a superior fluffy crunch that compliments an infinite combination of toppings and spreads download instagram online.

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Plum*m*Good selects additional grains and seeds such as chia, quinoa, sesame, flax and hemp microsoft windows 10 home. We are committed to making delicious rice cakes and we are confident you will taste the difference between Plum*m*Good and all other varieties. Gone are the days of eating rice cakes just because they are healthy!

Sélectionnez les graines et céréales ajoutées

Graines de quinoa
Graines de lin
Graines de lin
Graines de chia
Cinq graines

Nous vous recommandons ces différentes combinaisons de délicieuses galettes de riz.

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